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- All our products are intended for adult use, although we only ever use the safest and highest quality products available their can still be some risk like using any products for the first time, even if natural. 

- Enlightened Beauty recommends avoiding products with essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy and our products on children due to dilution ratios.

- Enlightened Beauty always recommends patch testing prior to use.

- In the unlikely occurrence or irritation or reaction discontinue use immediately, rinse the area and seek medical attention if needed. 

- Enlightened Beauty advise consulting and seeking advice with a trusted medical practitioner prior to using any new products, especially if pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, taking medication, have allergies or have any concerns to see if the product is suitable for you and your situation. 

- Enlightened Beauty's products are meant for use on an as needed basis and over use can cause skin irritation.

- Enlightened Beauty advise to seek advice from your medical professional if you have any health conditions, on medication, under a doctors care, especially if you have epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, have blood thinning or clotting conditions, are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant, are breastfeeding, taking medication or have allergies or sensitivities to methyl salicylate. 

- Some of Enlightened Beauty's products contain nut oils so must be avoided if allergic. 

- Please keep out of reach of children and pets ensuring all lids are fastened tightly and stored away out of reach.

- Enlightened Beauty recommend storing our products in a cool dark place away from heat and direct sunlight.

- Due to keeping our products as clean as possible without any additives or preservatives we recommend using your products within 6 months and discarding after this time.

 - Some of the essential oils used in Enlightened Beauty's  products are NOT for use when pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer epilepsy or have high blood pressure, or taking medication so should be avoided! These oils include but are not limited to: clary sage, peppermint, arborvitae, jasmine, rosemary, sage, palo santo, sandalwood, vetiver, cassia, wintergreen, cedarwood, basil, myrr.

- Some oils may interact with medication so always consult with your doctor/pharmacist before using new products especially containing essential oils.

- Some citrus oils in our products can increase sensitivity to sunlight so should be used with caution avoiding the sun, UV rays and tanning bed after use for up 48 hours.

- Enlightened Beauty products should never be ingested.

- Keep away from eyes, ears, nose and sensitive areas.

- Always consult with a medical professional with any concerns and for advice on what is best for you and your situation.

- Enlightened Beauty is in no way a medical professional and does not claim to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure, all statements made here, on lables and social media profiles are not intended to treat, cure or diagnose, information on labels may vary.

- All Enlightened Beauty's products differ, so not one source of information is the same and everyones situation is unique.

- No products manufactured by Enlightened Beauty are TGA (Therapudic Goods Administration) approved and information/statements made and labels are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any conditions at all and have not been evaluated by the therapeutic goods administration (TGA) 

You as the purchaser take and assume all risks of use. 

Enlightened Beauty does not take any responsibility or liability in the unlikely event of reaction or harm or injury. 

- Enlightened Beauty highly recommends doing your own research prior to use.

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